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New Stelvio fan

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Hi guys,

I'm looking around for a Stelvio. At this moment I am driving a BMW but I want a car who has awd and a couple of another things. but I have also a question. I cant find any picture of the interior ambient lights by night. Perhaps someone from can help me with that?

Greetz, Murphy from Holland.
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Murphy i will be in NL in a week or so ...... can you tell us if the Stelvio is selling well over there? and in general what is Alfa Romeo's reputation in NL? i see a lot of them on the road over there but never bothered to inquire if they are dependable cars or problematic.
Any ideas?
The ambient light is very confortable no intrusive and you can set the intensity.

Bad pictures for example


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Bright white LED's and footwells (front) + under door courtesy lights, (2) in cargo area. All with delay and elegant fade- even map lights fade when turned off + exterior lights at the door handles. You have to experience it after dark to fully appreciate. Very elegant + no expensive option package- complete out of the wrapper.
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