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Just made the decision to let my 2020 Kia Stinger GT1 RWD go for a 2022 Stelvio Q4 in Vulcano Black Metallic with all the blackout package bits and blacked out interior with the matte 19s - this thing drives so damn good. I can hit corners the Stinger couldn't do at half the speed I can take them now. Don't get me wrong, the Stinger was an amazing car (and I had JB4 Map 2 with Denso 2-step plugs, Borla exhaust, K&N Typoon intakes, carbon fiber heatshields for the intakes, swapped out the PS4 for Cup 2....), but this thing just handles night and day better.

I do miss the exhaust note, and the sound of two turbos spooling but I'm roughly 3 hours away from Madness Autoworks and I plan on stopping by their shop real soon to put a little more pep in this thing. It's not as punchy as the Stinger was, but it's so much smoother. Really liking this thing, looking forward to seeing what can be done with these engines. And yes, I know if I wanted the noise and the power, I should've went with the QV...but my bank account said otherwise lol. Stinger was a lot more car for the money, but this just feels way more refined. Thankfully the dealership paid me above KBB for the car and I was able to apply that credit towards the down payment of this Stelvio (although I still ended up with a Sprint - maybe I'll pay it down over the next 3 years then trade up to the Ti or Veloce).

Thought I'd hate the wheel nav thing, but I've grown to really like it. And my god those paddle shifters...what a fantastic feel to them when you shift. This thing has some serious potential...very excited to own one.

I take all my vehicles seriously so the night I brought it home, I got on my computer and told my boss I'm calling out tomorrow for a "personal day". Got up at 8am and started prepping the vehicle for a head-to-toe detail. Started with the the strip wash to get all the dealer garbage off of it and then worked my way into chemical and physical decontamination of the paint, followed by a 1-step paint correct to remove the dealer-installed swirls from the Scratch Tunnel 9000 they sent it through. Then into the garage for final prep before Jax Wax graphene coating all the paint, GlassParency on the windshield, a lighter ceramic glass cleaner (Ethos, not that Armor-All crap) for the rest of the glass, Car Pro Blackout ceramic on the tires, Lithium graphene trim on...well the trim, Jax Wax graphene on the rims, and then hopped inside to prep the leather and vinyl inside for a ceramic coating as well. This picture was taken 3 weeks later, after sitting outside in the driveway for 2 weeks while it rained literally every day in Houston. This thing turns more heads than the Stinger did, and it had the same coating all over it, was louder, and had that beautiful red interior - but that Snow White Pearl just does not shine up like this beautiful black flake does.

Added bonus because of my username lol -
Very nice looking Stelvio. My wife just got a Metallic Blue 2022 Ti and loves it. The Ti doesn't have the paddle shifters, which is probably better for her since she wouldn't use them anyway and would only get in the way of her using the stalks on the steering wheel column.

Now if she would only let me drive it more! I only got behind the wheel once but it sure has pep...but I'll get my kicks in a few weeks when my 2023 Corvette Stingray arrives.

We/I have never owned an Alfa before and look forward to lots of fun miles.
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