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For the past 15 years I've been driving a 1998 Ford Explorer Sport 2 Door 4WD with a 5 Speed Manual Transmission. 167,000 miles later, the time to start a new chapter in my automotive adventures has arrived.

After 3 months of intensive online research which included reading online automotive "magazine" reviews and end user reviews on this forum, I chose my next car to be the Alfa-Romeo Stelvio.

I narrowed it down to a SPORT version, in two color choices - White or Silver. Additional "must haves" were a Red Leather Interior, a Panoromic Sunroof, and 20" Wheels & Tires.

2018 Stelvio Lease Returns have started coming in, and after much discussion, my wife gave me the thumbs up and approved the purchase of a lease trade in 2018 Stelvio Sport. I found it online and relavively close by at Alfa-Romeo Newport Beach, CA.

My 2018 Stelvio Sport is Silverstone Grey Metallic w/ GORGEOUS Red Leather Interior. Accessories include Panoromic Sunroof (a necessary for me), Paddle Shifters, 20 inch wheels, Adaptive Cruise Control, yada, yada, yada... After 15 years I've stepped out of what the Flintstones drove and into a Space Shuttle ;)

So his past Friday I hopped into a rental car (2020 Ford Mustang Eco-Boost) and made the 6 hr drive (one way) from the SF Bar Area down to Newport Beach Alfa-Romeo to pick it up. When I arrived in So-Cal, I turned in my rental car, and was picked up by my salesperson John Henry, and he drove us to the dealership. The Newport Beach dealership makes a beautiful presentation - outside and inside - it's a class act through and through.

John offered me drinks and lunch, and we went about filling out the paperwork - which was a painless and well-organized process. When done, John went to turn it into their administrative department, and I chatted with his brother Hector. Hector is the dealership Sales Manager, and also a gearhead! As we sat at the dealerships mini bar, we were surrounded by automotive beauty; a Lamborghini convertible, an "arrest me red" Stelvio Quadrifoglio, and a Misano Blue Giulia. We also talked about Fiat 500's, as he used to sell them and my wife owns a 2012 Sport 5 speed.

Overall, The paperwork process took about an hour and a half, and then I prepared to make my way back to Nor-Cal PRK in Friday LA rush hour traffic. John set me up in my Stelvio for the ride home, showing me all pertinent driving features, as well as setting up the infotainment system Bluetooth to pair with for my phone for the ride home.

From personally picking me up at Enterprise, to presenting me my professionally detailed Stelvio in the showroom that included a full tank of gas, to giving me Alfa Romeo swag (hats and keychains) John Henry exceeded my expectations. Before I left, he placed my car in front of the dealership, and took pictures of me next to it so I could permanently record my next chapter in my automotive journey. John's a great guy in that he aims to please and is "no pressure." He's polite, a great listener and communicator, and knows his product inside and out. John has definitely studied the car and he knew all of the features and how to use them.

The same day 8 hr return trip home in the Stelvio was excellent.

Car seating in modern cars is fantastic. The seats in the Stelvio were PERFECT. They have a wide range of electronic adjustments. Once I got the driver seat seat "dialed in" , set my mirrors, set the infotainment system to my tunes - the car just about drove itself home. The standard sound system performed wonderfully - I was enveloped in sound as I streamed my music off a USB stick.

My Stelvio got lots of craned necks/looks as it made it's way up I-5, because even in "the car is king PRK", they're pretty rare. After researching the Stelvio for 3 months I've only seen my first one on the road a few weeks ago in Sam's Club parking lot (white with red interior SPORT sitting on 20's). That's when I knew I had to have this car, it presented itself like a piece of automotive art...

After 2 hours of inching my way North through rush hour LA traffic, I made it to the base of the "Grapevine" on I-5 . As the Stelvio deftly maneuvered it's way past semi-trucks and underpowered "appliances" (Prius' , Leafs, Minivans) it proved that it was a more-than-capable BEAST. When called upon, it passed anything and everything with authority and all the while I felt in total control. The steering is tight, provides good feedback, and the suspension is very surefooted - this SUV just oozes with race care heritage! This is exactly the feeling that you buy this car for.

When thrown into the twisties of the Grapevine, the 50/50 weight distribution allowed the SUV handle like it was on rails. We left tailgaters far behind as they attempted to keep pace with the Stelvio through the sweepers. As I glanced into my review mirror, tailgaters were sweeping wide and to the outside of the turns, while the Stelvio was diving tight and to the inside like a fighter plane. Bravo Alfa Romeo!

Once off the Grapevine - and for the 4 hour portion home on flat land, the Stelvio did all the work, and I sat back and enjoyed the ride. The Stelvio tracked straight like an arrow. The stereo was terrific. The Bluetooth phone pairing was crisp and clear on both ends. I averaged 85 MPH with the A/C and used the Adaptive Cruise Control the entire way, and in return the Stelvio averaged 25MPG!

So, I started my journey at 7AM, and made it home the same day at 11PM - in total a 16 hour round trip. After a quick shower and a bite to eat, I was refreshed and caught my second wind. I stayed up a good part on the evening, filling my wife in on my adventure and how happy I was with our purchase - no regrets or remorse. I love this car!

Now that the Stelvio is at it's new home - all that is left to decide is what to name it!

Here's the pics -









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Awesome write up brother! Even better vehicle lol enjoy the new ride 馃馃徑

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Fast_dave - congrats on the purchase! I'm in the bay area too, look for Illinois plates. 馃槈

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Welcome to the Alfa family. Beautiful Stelvio and always great to let someone else eat the first couple years depreciation. I can tell you have much more patience than I, and probably a bigger bank account because i can't seem to keep a car very long. I wish you many years of driving bliss.

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Nice to hear a dealership that goes a little extra for you: pickup, lunch, photos in front of the dealership, etc. most dealer personnel forget this is a major, major purchase for most folks...

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Great story and well said. Send it to Alfa, great promo. Welcome and enjoy the same things we all do.
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