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People wouldn't have to put in HID light if manufactuers would stop with the bs marketing that LEDs are just as bright.

Wouldn't doubt if part of the issue with people driving with brights on.. is due to LED headlights.

They don't penetrate as far, don't illuminate reflections on road sign, don't allow a person to spot animals and other things that might jump in front of a moving car at night (like drunks trying to run across a four lane highway at night with no street lights).

What they are is cheaper to buy and install while allowing more flexibility with design. They aren't brighter.... Are less effective outside of a city. Anywhere that isn't covered in street lights where a driver can't see anything outside of the headlight beam.... People feel like they need to put their brights on. Just my opinion. LEDs are trash outside of a city.
HID typically has an advantage in CRI, but LED's are the move forward with things like Volvo's "Pixel" technology, etc. You just cannot do that with HID. For raw "throw" down a straight away, it's a wash between LED and HID based on the IIHS comparisons I've seen.
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