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Sold my Stelvio to Vroom earlier this year. Missed it so much I bought it back. Stats:

Early build 2018 Ti, no sunroof, no CarPlay, Dynamic Safety package and Adaptive Cruise, Spare Tire, 19” Wheels, Volcano Black with Black and Alu interior trim. 44,500 miles. No accidents. Mostly highway miles from before COVID, drove it 30k miles in first year,. Was a dealer demo for a year so it never sat.

Bought it for a hair more than I sold it for, well within wholesale price range. Vroom selling price was originally much higher by thousands. I think it didn’t sell because similar models had lower mileage, or had similar mileage with Sunroof, Ti Package, Premium Stereo at higher prices. Of course I know that my car never had any issues, 5000 mile oil changes, had full 36,000 mile service, recent full brakes, great summer tires nearly new, recent oil change. I still have winter tires/wheels and all weather floor mats. I was tempted to spend more on a Quad, or a loaded 2019 Ti Sport with every option in Silver, or a new 2021 Ti Sport with nice options including LSD.

Yes I paid tax again but they essentially stored my car for free with no insurance payments and I pay a modest amount for parking at my building. I am close to neutral on the money versus if I never sold it.

Man am I happy. Car runs perfectly and still has my seat and infotainment settings, phone connected right away. A sort of decent detail job and a full tank of gas. Bought a used supersprint exhaust for a good price and will install centerline seat spacers (my biggest complaint on the non-sport seats was the seat cushion angle), buy a weathertech phone holder, install a new battery (it’s original from 2017 build). Good to go. Might buy a Mopar extended warranty, still available at a decent price with a few thousand miles left and 7 months on factory warranty.

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