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For those of us in the US, I have a question on updating navigation maps. I asked Alfa Care and got different answers, I talked with one Alfa Service manager and was told anytime a Tech plugged into a vehicle, the system would indicate a need for an update, not just for the Navi maps. When I asked an Alfa Tech about updates, he stated the Service Manager would check for any updates using the vin number.

It gets better, when visiting family in another area, I asked that Alfa dealer about the Navi updates and was told they would check using the vin number, but were not allowed to do any updates without permission from Alfa. Since we in the States are not allowed to do them ourselves, does anyone know what the process really is? Yes, I know I can use Apple Maps/Google Maps and Waze from my cell phone, but I have navigation in my Stelvio and it should display the correct information, but does not because I feel the map download is outdated.
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