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Simply put overall, the Stelvio lives up to what its name stands for, the winding road. Digging deeper, Alfa Romeos design team set out to build a sporty utility that can proudly say its Italian along with harness the performance required to take on some of this segments long-standing leaders. The Giulia was an early look at this technology and now we get it in a bigger and practical package. In the next points we'll see what exactly this translates into.

The Stelvio Pass is majestic and daunting, with a mountainous terrain and hairpin curves that challenge even the bravest of drivers.

Inspired by this great driving road, Italy’s best engineers and artisans set out to imagine, design and craft a truly Italian SUV. An epitome of excellence, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is a new breed of high-performance SUV with the heart and soul of a hero. Pure adrenaline knows few limits.


Alfa Romeo made sure to keep themselves on par with the competition when it comes to technology. While its nothing ground breaking, regardless of what else you might be shopping for, odds are the Stelvio won't be a compromise. Although we get a 7-inch infotainment system, a premium auto system to go with it, advanced safety tech is also included. The most important being autonomous braking, a feature that's slowly becoming an industry standard.

Born to enhance the overall driving experience, every inch of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is crafted to perfection. With a calculated combination of innovative technology, advanced engineering and a powerful engine design, this premium SUV is prepared to take you everywhere.

7-inch TFT Cluster with Dynamic Display Controller
To quickly grasp the dynamics of the situation, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is equipped with a highly intuitive 7-inch TFT cluster that is fully committed to the driver’s every need. With a sporty design and large color display, vital controls, including driving, safety, phone, trip and vehicle information, are always at hand.

Premium Acoustics
The driver-focused attitude of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio incorporates essential elements that make listening an absolute pleasure. With a high fidelity, 8-speaker audio system, or an optional Harman Kardon® Premium Audio System with a 900-Watt, 12-Channel Class-D Amplifier, Logic 7® HiFi System and 14 Speakers, it’s almost as good as having front-row concert seats.

Alfa DNA Drive Mode Selector System
Located on the center console for fast and easy access, the Alfa DNA Drive Mode Selector System allows drivers to quickly choose from Dynamic, Natural or Advanced Efficiency modes to customize the Stelvio’s driving behavior. Based on the selection, the system instantaneously adjusts the shift timing, steering assist and braking response, for better control and a more personal approach to driving.



If you're even a bit familiar with how the Porsche Cayenne and Macan perform then the Stelvio will feel right at home. Choosing either one or even an alternative from Audi, BMW or Mercedes will come down to the minute differences in performance that make each mode unique. In the Stelvio's case, it has snappy steering, quick off the line power and highly refined body control.

  • 2.0L Direct-Injection I4 Intercooled Turbo Engine
  • 280 HP
  • 306 lb-ft of torque
  • 8 Speed Automatic Transmission

  • 144 MPH

Count on the Alfa Romeo’s 8-speed automatic transmission with adaptive shift technology to deliver the perfect balance between driving pleasure and fuel economy. For increased control and responsiveness, the shift-by-wire integrated transmission allows faster and more precise gear changes.

Steering Column-Mounted Aluminum Paddle Shifters are also available. With such high reactivity, even the daily commute can be an exhilarating drive.

Driving is about more than getting from here to there. It’s about commanding the road and having a handle on the most difficult situations. With the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, the performance of its next-generation Q4 All-Wheel Drive system combines with emotions to deliver a thrilling sports car driving experience.

The standard Q4 All-Wheel Drive system helps ensure perfect adherence to the road in any season or condition7. Along with the Alfa DNA Drive Mode Selector System, the system automatically modifies the Stelvio’s responses and adjusts, in real-time, the required torque to each wheel based on the conditions of the terrain. Born to conquer the road, Stelvio redefines the luxury SUV.

When the name of the game is intelligence, strength and power, the answer is Chassis Domain Control (CDC). The so-called “mind” of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, the CDC efficiently coordinates all the active systems of the vehicle by optimizing performance and drivability. The CDC creates an enhanced feeling of driving excitement, while keeping an eye on safety. In a play of balance and logic, the CDC system extends its dynamic perfection from the head to the heart of Stelvio.


Its no surprise that Italians are known for design and the Stelvio wears that well in a package that we're very new to from an Italian car maker. Although design DNA has remained relatively the same from the Giulia with few surprises, its quite possibly one of the most attractive in its segment. Form meets function with a spacious and practical interior that rivals the Audi Q5 but one that reminds you of what its all about through a driver-focused cockpit.

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio is a masterpiece of engineering and aesthetics. With a powerful form carved from muscular curves and fluid lines, this SUV takes essential elegance to new heights.

It defies the limits of function and utility, giving way to a style that is unmistakably Alfa Romeo. So much so, that it is the world’s first SUV to host the iconic “Trilobo” front fascia. Leveraging race-inspired aerodynamics and allure, the Stelvio is pure emotion.

True to Alfa Romeo’s heritage, the all-new Stelvio is designed around the driver. Like a bespoke suit with impeccable measurements, every detail of the driver-focused cockpit reflects a perfect mix of elements. With a spacious and ergonomic interior setting, the Stelvio represents elegance without excess, with a perfect blend of luxury and performance.

From the leather-wrapped steering wheel to the nappa leather seats, Alfa Romeo’s inaugural SUV is the ultimate expression of Italian craftsmanship. It’s the result of extensive research aimed at intensifying the overall experience. Beyond comfort and sportiness, Stelvio is pure emotion.

The most exciting experiences are often unexpected, which is why the Alfa Romeo Stelvio has extra space for planned and unplanned events.

With a standard 40/20/40 split fold down rear seat, inside, Stelvio features cargo compartment storage hooks, and an available adjustable rail system to transform any trip into a journey and every road into an adventure.


The most important take away here is the 5-Star Euro NCAP safety rating which will leave just about anyone confident in the level of safety built in. Taking safety a setup further is all the advanced safety tech below that greatly minimizes the impact almost any situation can have. Lane Departure warning and Autonomous Braking are just a couple of the advanced safety tech that comes standard.

Protecting drivers and passengers is second nature for the all-new Alfa Romeo Stelvio, whose advanced technology and active safety systems help avoid harm.

Integrated Brake System
The Alfa Romeo Stelvio features an innovative electro-mechanical braking system that optimizes braking distances and manages brake pedal pressure to stop you in your tracks, while delivering better overall performance and control.

Standard Back-up Camera with Rear Park Sensors
Thanks to the integrated rear view camera with dynamic grid lines and parking sensors, the driver has better visibility and control during the most difficult maneuvers.

Available Forward Collision Warning Plus
The Alfa Romeo Stelvio monitors the road ahead and helps drivers see if obstacles are quickly approaching through visual and audio alarms, while slowing or stopping the vehicle when a collision appears imminent. Adaptive Cruise Control10 and Blind Spot Detection12 are also available.

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All these months on this forum and I didn't even know about the iconic road which sort of started it all. Glad to see they have that back story to go with a product so new. Often its hard to build that connection although it isn't always needed, once the product is good, most people won't care and i'm proof that. As more Alfa Romeo models come out is it possible that we will hear more of this road?
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