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Key words: P0440, P0455, Evaporative emissions fault leak detected, Vapor Canister, Gas Cap, vapor canister Purge valve.

I want to get a thread going regarding how to get rid of "for good" the P0440 error code caused by a problem in the Evaporative emissions system.
  • Goal and criteria is that the problem and parts can be replaced by the owner rather than the dealer. (My dealer stated that swapping the parts is straight forward and easy to do.)
  • My 4 hour away Alfa dealer says this is the most common problem he repairs on Stelvios. 2nd most common is the problem with the instrument cluster.
  • I want to purchase a service repair CD/USB drive, and they have been out of stock for months on the Mopar online parts site. (Why can't they just burn some more CDs or copy the files to a few thumb drives.)
  • To date, I have found vapor canisters for sale online, but I can't find the vapor canister purge valve in stock anywhere.
  • I was told that the lines to the vapor canister has been changed in later model years to help alleviate this problem, but I can't find any detailed information on this and it appears to be only known by the dealers, and my dealer wouldn't give me specific P/Ns.

Questions for the forum:
1. Can anyone post the service details from a 2019, and 2021 service manuals of the evap. system, to confirm that there was a design change?
(Post or send me the pages on how to service the vapor canister and purge valve, and lines that connect into the gas filler tube?)
2. Can someone post the P/Ns of the parts that the dealer replaces when they do this upgrade/repair?
3. Does anyone know of any other technique that can be used to resolve this problem?

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No, I don't top off the gas tank, and gas cap was tested as being good by the dealer.


Background for those who want more details regarding my problem:
I started having the P0440 and P0455 errors a year ago during winter. I purchased the SGM bypass harness set and bypass module last spring. I was finally able to reset the error codes and track when they came back. The error messages came back until it warmed up in the spring, then all was well until the fall of last year, when the error codes started coming back again. (During this time, car was damaged in July from a large hail storm, and we needed a new windshield. Incorrect windshield was installed, then replaced. During this process, other error codes were set that the windshield installer had to clear, so they cleared all of the codes. We set up a dealer appointment in October to fix the problem under warranty. But guess what, the code never returned after the windshield installer cleared all the codes.
Therefore dealer couldn't fix a problem that can't be documented. In the mean time, our warranty has ran out and we decided to not purchase an extended warranty.
Then the same friggen code has returned...

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2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio, Q4, Tricolor White,
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I recently had these error codes and had repaired under warranty.
Below, you can see what they said was done.
Has part no's for purge valve and canister.

View attachment 29006

View attachment 29007

No errors since the repair
Fantastic! thanks for the posting! Sure reads like what my problem is based on what my dealer told me was a very common problem on 18, 19 and 20 Stelvios.

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Not arguing .. obviously they aren't lying or making something like that up, why would they?

Just think it's funny such a common problem wouldn't have more threads and reported issues here....

You know, considering how often we get threads of some random one off problem where the person claim every Alfa ever made suffers from it. You'de think we would have more threads about this. There have been some but not like battery issues for instance

IMO .. goes to show even "common" problems really don't happen all that often. The current generation of Alfa's are reliable.
The dealer I have to work with is in Coeur D'alene ID. Service manager told me there are 9 Stelvios in our valley in Montana and he has seen 5 of these 9 Stelvios to repair this exact issue. Reading between the lines, based on what he said, perhaps due to occasional extremely cold weather (-0F temps), could be a major contributor. Our car first threw these codes in winter a year ago. He told me that only a few of the Stelvios in the Spokane valley area have had the same problem. Based on my symptoms, The car was free of these codes/problems all spring and summer, and as soon as we have a few weeks of really cold weather, the problem has come back.
(Wife hates this about the car, because the remote start stops working.)

Does the sustained cold weather cause my purge valve's plastic to shrink and leak until the car is warmed up, so the car flips the code? Or do I get a leak somewhere else in one of the lines to the vapor canister that triggers the code?

Since the purge valve is used in Jeeps, I wonder if I should call our Jeep dealer and ask how common their equivalent evaporative system problems could be in our valley.

ALFAOFFROAD: Regarding your response to my post, and reading your replies to other threads, I really am beginning to think that you are full of yourself and believe that you know it all. I ask you this. What percentage of Stelvio owners are members of this forum? As far as I can tell, I am the only one on this forum out of all the Stelvios in my valley. (I have met with and chatted with 5 of the owners in our valley, and none of them are members here. A couple of them are the ones who recommended the Coeur D'alane dealer, and told us they had the same problem in the past.)
Therefore your premise that P0440 problems are not a problem, based only on the few postings by other members is circumstantial at best.
Therefore, unless you have real data from Alfa Romeo regarding all of the problems that Stelvios have, your non constructive off-the-cuff comments are not appreciated.

Lastly, The service manager talked my wife out of an extended warranty because he believes that the Stelvios are very reliable overall, and that the emissions problem and an instrument cluster failure are the only 2 real problems he has seen on Stelvios that show up after the factory warranty ends. (Battery failure was the #1 problem but has been sorted out on almost all the Stelvios.) He said save $3K in reserve rather than get an extended warranty and it would be money in the bank.
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