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Not arguing .. obviously they aren't lying or making something like that up, why would they?

Just think it's funny such a common problem wouldn't have more threads and reported issues here....

You know, considering how often we get threads of some random one off problem where the person claim every Alfa ever made suffers from it. You'de think we would have more threads about this. There have been some but not like battery issues for instance

IMO .. goes to show even "common" problems really don't happen all that often. The current generation of Alfa's are reliable.

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Were exactly did I say it wasn't a problem?

Obviously it's a problem. There was no sarcasm in any of my statements. If you read it that way, I do regret you are upset by my statement, genuinely. Regardless it would be good to understand the motivation isn't to upset you or insult the problem you have.

What was said is it can't be that common. My data comes from the dealer networks I work with most commonly, their warranty claims depts, management discussions, and the internal information from Stellantis they share. Alfa Romeo gets less warranty claims then most, however the ones they get tend to be more of a pain and take longer to a lot. Alfa doesn't want the dealers using consultants they want it all in-house, but they are slow and hard to communicate with. Have I seen the data on all Alfa's at every dealers broken by regions? No. A majority of those in SoCal and nationwide averages? Maybe.

Did you save the $3k?

If so, how much is this repair? If it's less the $3k, Technically he didn't lie to you or even steer you wrong. Depending on the dealer he could have lost his job for telling you an extended warranty wasn't needed, Dealers make more off those then the car sales sometimes. Doubt he was trying to be a jerk, neither am I.

Can cold weather ruin a purge valve?

Possibly, if it does it's driver error. Cold and wet make things freeze, then if a person drives the engine hard without warming it up fully that could cause metal and/or plastic parts to crack due to thermal expansion (cold canister holding hot gas/frozen valve forced to open with hot glasses running through instantly, cold hard rubber parts forced to expand as they fill with hot gases - going to be a recipe for disaster). I would not assume you or any of the people you talked to do that though, as again.... That's a known thing like the battery. No sarcasm, that is what I assume. You did not do that. Like overfilling the tank, which you did not do, but could have caused this issue. Its well known, like the battery issues, to warm up before driving hard.

Better chance as to the cause/frequency in your area?

The gas isn't great
. Not an insult, can live in a good area with really nice gas stations and the tanks below ground could still be 50 years old and full of rust. In some areas of the US this is common. Especially cold areas that freeze with high humidity. Don't know if that is you, just saying.

Rust and dirt builds up in storage tanks and when the tanks get low that junk can be pumped out of their tank and into yours. Rust particles won't burn during combustion they will get sucked into the evap system, build up over time and eventually cause a failure. It can happen fast or slow... Sometimes it can even be seasonal, depending on certain variable like how often you use a station with bad tanks the issue s can even repeat itself like clockwork happening at the same time every year. Also, it isn't uncommon during the winter when less gas sells that stations don't fill thier tanks to the top to save operating expenses. Will it effect every car of every brand the same? No...but it will effect the same cars the same way. It would also effect high performance ones more as they have tighter tolerances. Not saying that is what happened .. but it's as much a possibility as anything else.

(Would a jeep with the 2.0 have the same issue? Dunno, suspect not though. They have a different valvetrain and are a lower performance engine by design not just tuning, this means it can have better tolerances for "junk". Jeeps aren't Alfa's even with the same engine and platform. Could also be it causes a different failure in a Jeep.)

Ask for you parts back... See what they are like. Maybe you'll see they have junk built up. Maybe not. If they do .. and you primarily fill up at one or two gas stations .... Use different ones. May also ask those other Stelvio. Owners where they fill up, if any of the stations are in common....again...stop using it, see if things change. However the issue can be widespread depending. In general stations in high traffic areas are better then low traffic.

Might help, might not, hope it does.

If you want to provide more info, maybe myself or one of the other, more helpful members can provide assistance.

Also... If this is because of gas or something else .... Realize that extended warranty wouldn't cover the repair. That service manager might have been more legitimate than you think. Maybe he wasn't saying there are never any problem other the those couple cluster replacment .... Maybe he was saying there haven't been Warranty problems. IE: ones the manufacturer pays for. In which case... Yeah, smarter to save the money and pay the repair then buy a warranty that won't cover it. The point of having money in the bank, is it's there when you need it... If it's more then what you need, and more then the insurance/warranty would have been.. then you are money ahead. (Unless your bank lets you put it in a giant swimming pool and you can dive in like Scrooge McDuck... Then money in the bank is it's own goal for sure)

Just guessing/playing devil's advocate.

BTW: my Forward Collision Warning and Adaptive Cruise Control are dead, warning light on dash, odometer flashing.

I am also out of warranty. Similar boat, stuff happens, it sucks sometimes. Not trying to make light of anything, just keep perspective. If there were demand for repair manuals....they would probably be avalible. Could be wrong, that works normally.

Sorry if I am not helping solve this problem once and for all, hopefully the information about warming up the engine helps but again..not new far as gas with rust or other stuff in it, anyone who knows how to be sure that doesn't happen please share. No sarcasm.

Or maybe share areas of the US you know have problems with rust in tanks? I know in SoCal the beach areas can be problematic. Even going inland a couple miles there seems to be less chance of issues. First thing my Dad told me learning to drive is don't fill up by the beach. Our family shop is by the beach BTW.

Notice... There is a thread on racing gas recently. In that thread it is discussed that one of the main benifits is the cleanliness of the gas itself. Part of that cleanliness is the storage of the gas, the tanks tend to be newer and cleaned regularly.
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