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ParkSense Unavailable

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My 2019 Stelvio Ti Sport has a “ParkSense Unavailable” warning. It was just in the shop for a four wheel alignment. I changed the f49 fuse just in case that was the issue but the warning is still on. The fuse did appeared to be blown.

I also attempted to have the four black boxes that were installed by Sigma Automotive for the EU type taillights before I knew about MultiECUScan removed and now I have this issue.

I need a competent automotive electrician to remove those boxes. Sigma is now out of business. I am in the Peterborough UK area.

Anyway, first thing is I need some help troubleshooting the ParkSense issue.

Much appreciate any advise,

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Thank you for the breakdown advice. I will place the Stelvio on a lift this Saturday and will check everything you mentioned. I am sure it is probably a fuse somewhere or a relay. Strange to think that I have the Stelvio in the shop for a 4 wheel balance and alignment the same day this issue cropped up. I know that it is probably coincidence.

Update... My friend and I took the black boxes out. They were nothing more than resistors glued to a heat fin. The same resistors that stop your turn signals from hyper-blinking when you install LEDs on an older automobile. Really crap... and grounded. Once we took those out we went down the rabbit hole and we dug into the wiring harness. We noticed that Sigma Automotive cut wires and rewired to other wires in the harness. So, we desoldered and re-soldered with heat shrink all the wires into their correct spots. Everything works perfectly now. I have more lights in the tails lights than before. Taking out that poorly done wiring job fix most of the issues I have had.

Of course, I used MES to reprogram the tail lights to EU lights. Worked perfectly.

Oh, how do I use MES to scan for errors? I could not figure that out. I checked Park Sense and it was on and no issues reported there. But how do I perform a complete scan?

As always, much appreciated,
Haven't done it myself but I always thought just click scan DTC button would scan the module you selected. Have you done that? Let me know
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