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ParkSense Unavailable

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My 2019 Stelvio Ti Sport has a “ParkSense Unavailable” warning. It was just in the shop for a four wheel alignment. I changed the f49 fuse just in case that was the issue but the warning is still on. The fuse did appeared to be blown.

I also attempted to have the four black boxes that were installed by Sigma Automotive for the EU type taillights before I knew about MultiECUScan removed and now I have this issue.

I need a competent automotive electrician to remove those boxes. Sigma is now out of business. I am in the Peterborough UK area.

Anyway, first thing is I need some help troubleshooting the ParkSense issue.

Much appreciate any advise,

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Guessing here, but since the fuse you changed was blown...

At some point, somehow, something to do with the installation or attempted(?) deinstallation of those boxes caused a legitimate problem. Probably a power surge that damaged a component.

You need an electrician. Wish there was more I could help with.

If you have MES scanning for error is a good idea, but likely you will find ones that will require real diagnosis and repairs, sorry to say.

Basing this off the blown fuse... Chances are it didn't "just blow" but "was blown". Might check the new fuse and see if it got blown too.
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Given the description I would start testing relays and checking fuses.

This warning is a clue:

"Value of signal protection calculation incorrect".

Something in the protection circuits isn't right, that means a fuse or relay generally.

Looking at the relay diagrams, I can't find the ones for the power steering system or the park sense. However, from my experiment with pulling BOTH fuses - front and rear - for the brake system and how it killed the power steering too (only when both fuses were pulled)... Might just replace those and see what happens. Fuses are cheap.

I have replaced my fuses since then, if you remember the thread my brake fuse was heat scored. It possible there might be enough scoring/oxidation/heat wear the fuse isn't reporting right anymore. Outside chance but I would look.

Will add when I scanned everything for this recent relay replacement I did, I found several codes - which showed in MES but did not trigger a dash light - relating to the transmission and brake system that were similar. None have returned since replacing the relay.

Check them.
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Which fuses? The ones in the rear box behind the panel on the passenger side? Only fuses less then 20amp were changed, so none of the 25amp or higher ones were touched?

Did you disconnect the battery before pulling the fuses?

I'm going to try and figure this out if I can let me know which boxes you changed out fuses in and which fuses specifically. I have the suspicion though .... Wiring is goobered up (modified) somewhere in a way that is screwing things up in a unique way.

.... Technically the lift gate should be like the fuses to the power supply for the power windows and seats, and should be a 25amp or higher fuse. It shouldn't have been effected, but this system could be different.

When working on the car.... Double check everything and look for a second source to verify. Never start taking things off till you verified the instructions are correct. (Learned this the hard way myself with all that stupid brake crap, also when I took apart my fender liner to find relays the turned out to be in a different location then the giulia - haven't mentioned it but I broke the black plastic fender arch where the clips attach to hold it in place and ordered new arches. $400 because the Giulia forum's instructions were wrong for the Stelvio, and no one else had the right ones.🤦 Oh well serves me right for not doing the research myself, and for not thinking the plastic could have become massively brittle after 5 years parked outside in the desert.)

Literally everytime I look at something on this car what I find does not 100% agree with the materials provided by Mitchell-on-Demand, All-Data or especially the supossed "official" Alfa Romeo Documents posted to various forums most of which I strongly believe are preproduction documents and not applicable often. Look at the documents/photos, look at what's on the car.... Then hope your basic understanding of how this all works applies enough to sort out the discrepancies.
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I know this won't help but ...

I went out and pulled every fuse in that box 20amp and below, 1 by 1 and hit the power lift gate button... It always worked. None of those fuses should effect the function.

.. ugh. Might make 100% sure you didn't replace a higher amp with a lower though. Easy to do.

Wanted to add, at least in my box the only places there are connectors for the fuses are where there are fuses. One inserted elsewhere won't feel right when putting it in and will be loose.
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Definitely strange.

Also strange, that little 5 amp fuse at the bottom right. Little brown fuse in the spot labelled as F90 on the lid..... I can't find a single diagram that says what it is for. The diagrams I find show some fuses I don't have while also not showing fuses I do. Good times......

Pretty sure part of the problem is different markets and translations. Willing to bet Alfa does everything in Italian and translates instruction diagrams from Italian into whatever language they need maybe through multiple steps, IE: Italian to Spanish..then to English. My guess is the people doing the translating from one language to another neither know anything about cars, nor do they speak both languages fluently. Who knows they might just be using Google translate.... And it's filled with bad translations and resulting mis-information. People don't realize, that's what the Japanese do so well that set Honda, Toyota and the rest up for success. They have phenominal translators so their diagrams and instructions are good, translation is viewed as an art form not a worthless expense to minimize.. Alfa.... Not so much.
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Going to guess that's IBS, intelligent battery sensor, not IBS Intelligent Braking system. :ROFLMAO:

Hmm.. now I'm wondering if that fuse blows it would mean the battery doesn't charge or charges at a very low rate no matter what, and if that may have bearing on a few of the people who consistently have battery problems and just keep the car on a tender.
Definitely another thread, just thinking out loud.
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