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ParkSense Unavailable

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My 2019 Stelvio Ti Sport has a “ParkSense Unavailable” warning. It was just in the shop for a four wheel alignment. I changed the f49 fuse just in case that was the issue but the warning is still on. The fuse did appeared to be blown.

I also attempted to have the four black boxes that were installed by Sigma Automotive for the EU type taillights before I knew about MultiECUScan removed and now I have this issue.

I need a competent automotive electrician to remove those boxes. Sigma is now out of business. I am in the Peterborough UK area.

Anyway, first thing is I need some help troubleshooting the ParkSense issue.

Much appreciate any advise,

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if you got MES scan PDC module for errors. grey adapter is needed for PDC
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Scan DTC - scans all modules for errors and module info.
Scan - scans for available modules and it's info.
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C1003-29 - Front right internal sensor - Signal invalid - most likely bad sensor. you should be able to swap left/right sensors in grille without removing anything. see if error follows sensor or stays in same place:
  • if error follows with sensor it's faulty sensor;
  • if error stays in place, bad wiring.

rest of the errors not relevant. delete those and see if they re-appear.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts