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OK folks, I did the red button mod after doing a lot of research on the different ways that can be done.
Here are the different options:
  1. Replace the button module. (expensive and requires disassembling the entire steering wheel)
  2. Stick a red button cap on, but most are opaque and don't allow the backlight to pass through. (easiest and most cost effective option)
  3. Replace the button face with a backlight compatible replacement. (only a few $ more than #2)
Needless to say, I went with option #3.

I bought the button cap on Amazon for around $12. Check before buying yours, since its made of Chinesium. YMMV on what you get.

This was a very easy install, and took maybe 7-8 minutes. My advice is, take your time and don't hurry.

Tools required:
1. Needle nose tweezers / right angled picks
2. Blu-tack / Mounting Putty/ 3M tape

Step 1:
Stick a blob of the mounting putty on the face of the existing button. Press in tight. This will be used to pull on the button as you undo the clips.

Step 2:
See the image below for clip positions.
With the tweezers / picks, slowly undo the slips at the back of the buttons, while slowly pulling on the putty blob from step 1.
Try not to damage the silver surrounding trim like I did.


Be careful during this step and try not to scuff the surrounding silver trim.

Step 3:
Add a piece of medical tape or frosted scotch tape to the back of the new red button. This acts as a diffuser for the backlight. Trust me on this step.
It will look a lot cleaner with this small hack.

Step 4:
Push the new button in and be prepared to giggle every time you see the red button on your steering wheel!
Oh! and enjoy the improved 0-60!

Let me know if this guide helped you out!
Cheers folks!



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you too convinced me to just go with the $60 OEM full red backlit button with wiring & plug. ordered last night, hoping the install is straightforward. seems like the only thing to get right is being careful with the airbag and being careful with the exposed pins & plugs for the steering wheel controls.

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Haha ok.
I didn’t want to mess with the airbag. Safety first!

I don’t want to be that guy whose airbag doesn’t deploy because he was too vain and wanted a red button to giggle at.
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