Up for grabs are a set of seven super nice Red /Silver chrome emblem/badges. Replace your generic emblem badges with these classy, standout versions! These are all aluminum metal construction with adhesive backing that you can easily install with some patience. Of Chinese origin (what isn't now-a-days?) they are of very high quality and are available for immediate delivery within the CONUS. Once installed, your baby will draw even more attention than she already does. The Red & Chrome color scheme will really help stand out your Stelvio's or Guilia's look, especially those who's colors are Vulcano Black/ Vesuvio Gray Metallic/ Moonlight Gray Metallic/ Stromboli Gray Metallic/ SilverStone Gray Metallic/ Alfa Rosso Red/ High Octane Red Pearl/ Monza Red Metallic/ Ocra GT/ Alfa White or Lunare White Metallic. They might appear bolder with any other colors not listed if that is your desire. These are priced about 16% less than elsewhere with minimal delivery time via USPS. If ordered from China, your wait time will be up to 7 weeks! Factory sealed cellophane packaging opened for photo displaying only...These have never been installed and are absolutely brand new. Yours for only $31.00 delivered to your door within the continental U.S.A., tracking provided as well...Act fast...These will be gone before you can say Quadrofiglio! Thanx ! Yours truly, "STELVIS"