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Shortly after I took delivery of my Alfa Romeo Stelvio, I received a online invite to participate in the new car research survey from Morpace Research:

After the survey was completed I was supposed to get a gift card. The survey took about 30 minutes to complete in it's entirety. Months, and months have passed, and besides 1 message stating the gift card was in the mail, MORPACE RESEARCH has stopped communicating.

It is the principle of the point, and not the gift card itself, that irks me at this point.

Yesterday, I got another new car survey from "Ipsos RDA." You better believe it, I'm ignoring it..... sweepstakes and Visa gift card, lol.

Bogus companies like MORPACE RESEARCH should be called out for their fraudulent offers.

Any new US Alfa Romeo Stelvio owners joining this forum should be aware!
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