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Rocco from Manhasset into carbon fiber

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Hi guys, I am living in New York. My handsome Stelvio TI Sport is Stromboli grey with Red interior. I call him Rocco.
I am adding some carbon fiber to my car. He is looking very good!
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Welcome to the forum to you and Rocco. Post some pictures when you get your carbon done.
Welcome to the forum
Manhasset- Great to know you and Rocco + excellent color combination. Enjoy the ride!
Welcome to the form!! Yes, post some pics!!
Welcome! Is this your first Alfa?
@Manhasset nice! Maybe I'll see you on the road soon! I'm from Manhasset Hills but currently in Bellerose. My TI Sport is Alfa white with Chocolate. I'll keep an eye out =P
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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