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Does anyone know when the roof rack rails will be available on the Stelvio? I see that there are "holes" that look like the rails attached to the rack but my dealer wasn't sure what the availability was.

Kind of hard to carry anything without rails.

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Yes, I'm looking for the side to side. Alfa Romeo is not listed on the Thule site. Anyone know what cross members fit?
They are just showing up in Europe (you can find them) + I'm pretty sure the universal ones with adjustable width could fit (bracket design appears to be universal with two categories "raised rail" and "flush rail"). That said I am waiting for Alfa Romeo rails. Many aftermarket designs are inelegant and I am concerned about wind noise and aerodynamic drag. Some of the Amazon options "offshore' look to have cheap ugly brackets. I'm pretty sure by Spring and as more butts are in seats we'll have options for this and also the hitch. My plan is install them at first free service should be June-ish.
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