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Oh mate, an absolute dream! But also kind of a Jekyll/Hyde thing going on.
A friend of mine came with me to collect it, and we then drove up to the Peak District (a mountain range in the UK). I've had about 3 hours in the car on all kinds of roads.

I'll post better pictures in the morning. It's dark out now. So unfortunately this is your lot.

I like "All-weather Mode", which as far as I can tell is basically "eco-mode". Shuts off 3 cylinders and becomes quiet, comfortable and very civilised, with the only hint of the car's true nature being the burble from the engine when you squeeze the throttle a bit more.

Dynamic is probably what I'll have it in on the open/faster roads more often than not.

Race mode? Absolutely insane. That exhaust noise is phenomenal, to say nothing for the unbelievable acceleration. I'm actually a little afraid of it, but the more I drove it hard the more I realised it's actually a big friendly giant. I will run out of confidence before it runs out of grip. But I imagine once I've gotten used to it, i'll drive it a bit harder and more often.

Gripes? Actually a couple: The brakes at low speeds are quite 'grabby'. I suspect part of that is because it's a brand new car with brand new brakes, but it'll also be the fact that at the end of the day, these are huge brakes designed to stop a 1,800kg SUV from 180mph, so of course they might be a bit overzealous at 5mph.

Also: I've had paddleshift in a few cars now, and all of them have had the paddles mounted behind the wheel, not onto the steering column. That in itself is fine, except they've also put the indicator and wipers stalks behind the large paddles, so you feel like you're reaching around with your fingers every time you want to use the stalks.

But honestly, if that's my biggest gripe, it's a very small price to pay for what is honestly such a phenomenal car.

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Just as Alfaoffroad said as you gain experience you will get smoother with the brakes. Same is true for paddle shifters. Once use to it you’ll prefer it. In terms of Jekyll and Hyde I’d call that soul. It sounds cliché but Alfas just seem to have that which is missing from other brands. Just know that every once in a while she might throw a fit with a random light or something but it’s just part of the experience. Recommend an AGM battery soon Doing so will eliminate 80% of the issues people run into. Cheers and enjoy. Look forward to reading your posts as you get to know her better. Beautiful pics.
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