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Hey guys, ive gotten a lot from the forum, so I felt I should contribute.

I have 2018 Stelvio Sport Ti 2.0 Litre.

After installing my valentine 1 radar detector, the darn thing resets every time the "Auto Start/Stop" function is enabled. I tried wiring the radar into multiple 12v lines under the mirror for a constant power source but had no luck.. I attempted the dome lighting but the cover would not come off without serious force and I figured it wasnt worth it breaking the internal clips to access it. After some research, I found a polish company is selling a module thru Alfissmo in the US that plugs into the back of the button unit and allows the Auto function to be kept off without restarting in the On position. Im looking forward to receiving the kit this month.

2ndly, Im in the process of upgrading the brakes, the best compound available on the market for the 2.0 spec brakes is the EBC Yellow pads, unless you go custom with Carbotech 3x the price. I also like to upgrade to stainless lines, however no one makes them for our cars. I had Chris over at build me a set after I sent him a set of OEM ones for sizing and connectors. If anyone is looking for a kit, just give him a shout, he has all the specs now.. Not sure if these are the same for the Quad models, but a simple parts cross reference check at a dealership between the base and quad models would yield that answer. I installed them myself, it was time consuming but fairly simple. Use a pressure bleeder pumped to 30psi or more if possible.. brakes feel more responsive now.

I also installed the GoFastBits diverter valve kit on my car, ive had this on previous cars.. It holds boost better, keeps the boost pressure between gears and gives a little more low end torque response and the peddle feel. I enjoy it.. I believe Eurocompulsion sells this kit, although I ordered mine straight from the manufacturer in Australia. Install is about 25min but very easy, only 3 screws on top of your engine under the cover.. You do have to break/pull apart your OEM diverter valve internals to retrofit the GFB parts, but dont worry, the stuff you break off to access its insides are not re-used anyway.

Hope some of these mod tips help others!

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