I bought this piece from Madness Autoworks as part of a kit containing this and the V scudetto for my Stelvio Quadrifoglio. I decided not to install this piece hence the reason for the sale. It's available from Madness for $99 and at my asking price I'm offering free shipping. Payment via PayPal please.

This piece is designed to attached over the existing emblem with either double sided tape or glue (neither is included) and there is no instructions or warranty implied. But, it's an easy, no brainer fitment. In know it fits the Stelvio QV version but i'm not sure about the standard Stelvio, you'd have to check with Madness.

I'm rating the condition at 10/10 with confidence. There is not a scratch or a fingerprint on it anywhere and it has never been installed. It is not a wrap or any such thing, it's 100% real carbon fiber and is light as a feather.

It's been stored in a non-smoking, child and pet free home and is free from any cologne or perfume odors, greasy fingerprints or any other funk! Save from new!