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Stelvio Easter Eggs

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Creating this post to document any neat / cool / interesting / useful things people discover about their Stelvio, which are NOT documented in the manual or otherwise difficult to stumble upon through any normal process.

I'll start the thread off with the fact I learned today that our center console storage compartment is both heated and cooled. There is a weird little piece of round plastic which can be turned about 90 degrees at the front of the compartment, which when rotated clockwise opens a vent duct to pump air into the compartment from the climate control system.
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Amazed at how complete the Stelvio is right out of the wrapper: no dipstick; 3 seat memories; elegant fading of interior illumination; folding mirrors; beautiful leather; alarm system; 2 ways to fold rear seats; power liftgate; keyless entry/remote start... unlike others it is not a mess of option packages to get the vehicle you want + for now a great selection on the pond. Excellent value for price paid and (per family in the car business) should be low depreciation. We're shooting for 100K miles+ in 10 years. Ciao for now!
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