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Hello everyone. New member. I don’t own a Stelvio, but I’ve either owned or worked on almost every other model Alfa made from the 60’s to present. Current 4 are: 74 Spider, 74 Giulia GTV, 86 Spider, 18 Giulia Ti Q4.
As many of you already know, the 2019 Alfa Romeo Owner’s Club National Convention, the CORTILE DELLA CORSA, is being held near Pittsburgh, PA later this month. Here is a link:
Held along with the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, where Alfa Romeo will be the honored marquee, this year’s convention should be over the top fantastic!
On Thursday, July 18th, the day of the Time Trials (and other events!) there will be an ONLINE FORUMS MEMBER MEET-UP at 7pm at the Double Wide Grille. The meet-up will begin just after the Euro Compulsion Tech Session, being held from 6pm-7pm. The ONLINE FORUMS MEMBER MEET UP is going to be posted (by me) on the alfabb, giuliaforums, stelvioforums, and 4c-forums sites. All are welcome!
The threeriversalfisti site has all of the Convention details listed under the Cortile Della Corsa tab. I hope to see you there!
AlfaAndy Kaufmann
aroc 21229
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