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Hi All,

I recently purchased a pre-owned/exec driven 2019 Stelvio QF about 14k km's and I freaking love it. However, it has a major annoyance with the CCB's - they chirp/click on brake at low speeds almost all the time from front left wheel(right wheel some times) unless I modulate the brake pedal with less load. I went to the Dealership and was told some clicking is normal and to run them hot, I have done that a few times but it still does it and in Race mode it gets real chirpy/clicky. grrr. It's horrible! The Dealer did clip off some stickers in front and rear but that didn't resolve the issue.

Could it be glazed pads? Should I continue to try hot runs? I cant tell what else it could be everything looks good and Dealer once over'ed the front. I may bring it back again as the chirp is almost unbearable on Race mode. Any tips to get rid of the chirp? Or should I recommend dealer look again in another area of the wheel/hub/grease/clean?!

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