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Stelvio sales in Europe

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AR has sold 3690 Stelvios in Europe during March:

Alfa Romeo Stelvio European sales figures

I think this is promising. To compare Audi sold 8268 Q5s, BMW sold 3759 X3s and Jaguar sold 4148 Fpaces.
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Actually it's very impressive + encouraging! Thanks for the info.
I think the Stelvio has been in Europe two years and one year in the States. Seems like pretty good progress so far considering how pacted the field is in the SUVs offered by all the manufactures.
Glad to see that sales are slowly starting to pick up. Its a crowded segment to try and gain any traction in for sure.
Getting people in the showroom and getting them to move past "history" will take time. We need to be mindful of our thread titles as I have asked the admin folks to move or rename that first thread on the entire forum to no avail esp in light of the reason for the accident!
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