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Any update on this? What was the final outcome regarding how AR handled the claim? I am interested because I have a sunroof on my new '21 and can just see something like this happening.

IMO, AR will change their accountability pretty quick when there is an accident and property loss, possibly fatalities involving investigation and litigation against AR. That has not happened yet but it is just a matter of time. Having a sunroof violently explode over ones head while merging across four lanes of congested traffic at 80mph could be seriously bad for ones health.
The outcome was that I had to have my insurance cover it. They covered nothing and did absolutely nothing to help. The only response I got from any of this from Alfa was a call from the dealer asking why I put bad reviews up. I'm not kidding.

In fact they parts and service in Plano Tx ordered the wrong Glass to replace it, expedited thru alfa care mind you and then didn't tell me until Friday evening at 530pm. So it was too late that week to get the correct one ordered. It prolonged the whole process another week. I paid my deductible plus a week of rental car. They finally offered a rental after they told me they ordered the wrong glass and I said I was coming up there to wait in front of the dealership for them to find a solution.

To this day I'm still arguing with MVP who I have my warranty through to pay for my rental fees. It's been a total sht show and the entire operation in both dealerships, FT Worth and Plano are run worse than a tote the note used car place. The management is just as bad. Full of lies and poor communication all the way around.
41 - 43 of 43 Posts