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thinking about stelvio

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hi all, currently '16 mustang gt with performance pack. ha! so i love it but time for something else.

i drove a macan, f pace and base stelvio. honestly the stelvio felt the best considering the macan was 65k! i did like sitting with my legs out in front of me like a sports car.

anyway, really i did think the stelvio was great! it would settle quickly after weight transfer to outside wheels and stayed firm until rolling out.

anyway, it was a base. i see some reports of sports tuned suspension and some report of all suspensions are the same except for the big-dog.

does the sport version of the base model have different springs or shocks?

2nd question is whether the really highly bolstered seats come with the sport version, or is that only when you step up to a ti sport?

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There is a difference between base and Sport/ Ti Sport for suspension with the sport models having an upgraded Frequency Selective Damping shocks.
Optional to order is the Alfa Active Suspension.

In Canada, the sport seats are in the Ti Sport trim, I think it's the same as the USA.
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ok thanks. yeah i wasn't seeing much on the build-configure on alfa's US website.

so for sure:

Base = "Regular" suspension
Base Sport = "Tuned" suspension (upgraded Frequency Selective Damping shocks)

TI = "Regular" suspension
TI Sport = "Tuned" suspension (upgraded Frequency Selective Damping shocks)

Base Sport & TI Sport = As an option can order the Alfa Active suspension

Ok on the seats too. I'm trying to figure if i like the extra bolster or not? I sat in one on the showroom floor, but no electricity so i couldn't adjust the seat to accomodate "big guy" (6'3" 250+ lbs + bad back!). The one I drove had the non-extra-bolstered seats and i felt it was very easy to slide-in-and-out of the car. easy ingress and easy egress are always a plus :) i won't be tracking this SUV so i guess it'd be OK to go with Base Sport model without the extra seat bolsters :)

Thanks for the help!
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As a 6’2” 220# hockey player I found the sport seats to be much better than the fruit crates which are the base seats. The boosters give some much needed lateral support and the thigh extensions are great. I could wish the front of the seat could tilt, but the thigh extensions mostly make up for that lack.
ew.. that's right the thigh extensions in the showroom version that i sat in was VERY nice. the fpace and macan also had those. i wish i could have repositioned the seats in that showroom model. they couldn't get it to power up i think because the battery died. it felt like i could fit without being unreasonable - i once tried to sit in a new mustang gt350 and i swear i was floating on top of the bolsters! that was unreasonable ha. thanks.
Best suggestion I have is to go testdrive the fruit crate and sport seat back to back. You’ll know within a mile or two.
Exactly. I'm only 5 10 , 190lbs and the bolsters are set full width for me so you better like being stuffed in. On a long trip you may feel restricted!
I chose the sports seats as well and I'm 6'2" and a little heavier than you, omegaman. The bolsters are snug but the range of adjustment and the thigh extensions made my back sigh in relief.
on my way back down to the dealer this saturday. will have a drive in the ti sport. oh boy, alread stretching the budget! but hey. right?
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You may be pleasantly surprised at the great deal. We had such a good time in the buying process shopping for Stelvio and have zero regrets, enjoying every aspect of ownership. Happy shopping!
You will appreciate the slightly firmer suspension coming from a Stang
The sport seats and suspension were gonna add another $100+ to the lease price so I went with the base. Generally I don't like overly bolstered seats and sport suspension on a daily driver, though I probably would have gone for those options in a Giulia. Recently sold my Mustang GT, too. You'll love the Stelvio.
thanks for the replies. so i think the non-bolstered seats are the way to go, but i can still get the sport version. looks like a dealer within about 120miles of me is having some good special prices according to also this past weekend i drove a base macan. i really liked it too, no options, just the lowest priced one they have. but i couldn't get much of a discount on it despite the fact that noone buying a porche wants a base model with no options! also, it was pretty darn stiff ride! so that's out!

i'm a little concerned about reliabity - that's the old alfa thing :) but it looks like they are addressing a lot of the quirks in the electrical systems and such... that's one thing they need to do for the american market at least - address issues and quick if they want to survive!
Customer support has been excellent in my experience. Typically only consumers with a beef are vocal- the rest of us happily go about our business. Ever look at Yelp, which is a typical dumping ground of negatively holding businesspeople hostage to a few jerks.

For my wife and I- being a little more 'vertically challenged'- the base seating is superb- one thing I look for is the bottom cushion being so deep it is uncomfortable for long drives and we are totally satisfied - best comfort of any vehicle I ever owned. Obviously a wide range of body shapes and sizes addressed.

Dealers always keep stripped versions around specifically for the purpose of up-selling. Car Sales 101. Not so Alfa where even the base models have many standard surprise and delight features that would force expensive packages on 'other' premium makes. It is a tactic. You will see things like the alarm, both power seats, etc and other important adders are actually standard making the Stelvio well equipped right out of the wrapper.
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yeah i noticed that its out of the box equpped pretty well. havent done anything yet. hopefully soon thpugh.
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