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I actually set this up last week but too busy having fun to post.

I ordered this set up before the the deal on my Stelvio was even done. I knew the deal would go through and since there were some good black Friday sales, I didn't want to wait.
I knew I wanted a cargo box for snowboarding and since the season is already in full swing, I wanted it ready to go
I ordered a Thule XForce large, Thule wingbar Evo 118 in black and the 460 rapid podium foot pads, all from REI.
The only thing they didn't have was the rapid podium foot kit 4085 (matches up the foot pad to the stelvio roof rails).
Those I found at Rackattack who happens to have a local store nearby.

It all went on smooth, looks great. Will fit more boards and Skis than can ride up with me.
Without the cargo box, wind noise is minimal. With cargo box, you can hear it but not excessive.

Took our first trip to copper mountain this weekend. Worked awesome.
I can pull the cargo box off in less than 5 minutes.
I'll keep the rails on during winter and probably pop them off during summer.

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