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Reading this forum I found or was told about two different companies with exhaust systems for our Stelvio’s. All the info below is taken from their websites and knowing me, I may have mis-stated something or just missed it - please check out their websites as this is just some highlights.

Madness AutoWorks; they have two locations - California and Texas - exhaust is made in the USA. Looks like they have two full exhaust systems from $1399.00 - $1499.00, free shipping, they also have other products. They have pictures of the exhaust systems, but have not posted any dyno results. There are videos of the how the systems sound from inside and outside of the Stelvio's. They state their exhaust is an aggressive exhaust note with direct bolt on replacement. I did not see anywhere if the system is noise complaint. As far as EPA, it is my understanding that the CATS in our Stelvio's are in the headers, so they would not be touched - if I have that correct.

Remus Exhaust; they have one location in the states - California, but looks like they are made in Austria and home-ported from overseas. They have different products for vehicles and motorcycles/scooters as well as other products.

Their systems list from about $650.00 - $1314.00 and it shows their full systems are not EC compliant(this might be?? more noise issue than EPA, I understand our CATS are in the headers would would not be touched, if I have understand that correctly) - and state not permitted on public roads. They state no cutting of the exhaust system required. They have a pictures of the dyno results and a video of what it sounds like, no pictures of the exhaust system(s). Also, they have an axle back system which states it is EC compliant(noise??) and no cutting the of exhaust system needed. This system starts out just over $650.00 to about $1048.00. They have a pictures of the dyno results and a video of what it sounds like. Their sites states that both exhaust systems have aggressive exhaust sound.

Looking at my Stelvio, there is a single exhaust pipe routed over the axle on the left side and routes to almost the center of the muffler at the rear. From each end of the muffler a single exhaust pipe routes to each respective exhaust tip. It looks like that single exhaust pipe as it clears from behind the axle, that is where the system connects with a clamp to complete the rest of the system to the muffler, that pipe and the muffler is one complete component. So I would assume their behind the axel system replaces from that connection to the stock exhaust tips and would be the easiest to replace.

It seems???? both companies system remove the muffler without any replacement with something different. Looks like both companies pretty much where home grown by people who wanted to provide a product that users would actually like to have.
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