Howdy all,

Before I start my long and boring listing, the price in the title is for the license plate mount w/o shipping. Also...

I have a Black wheel stud kit with the brass covered nuts I will be selling along with a brand new Tow Hook license plate mounting kit.

The stud kit was on my Giulia QV for awhile, however it had very few miles on her when I sold her. I then installed them on my Stelvio QV, but wanted the Titanium set instead. Once I clean them up I'll have them ready to ship. I'll be putting them in an ultrasonic cleaner so they'll be as good as new. They are $369 or so from Alfa9, but they will go for less than that for sure.

The license plate kit is brand new as I removed the one from the Giulia so I didn't need it afterall.

I also have a very nice set of matte black Giulia mirror caps I bought and painted when I owned the QV. They look very cool if anyone is insterested.

The stud kit will be in the $270 range or so plus shipping. License plate kit will be around $70 plus shipping.

The mirror caps I'll see what people are willing to offer. I have well over $350 in them with the paint, but I'll definitely go down. I'll even do a package deal if anyone is interested.

I just recycled a like new set of Giulia QV springs in offered for free, just pay shipping but nobody was biting.

I very much have enjoyed the Giulia but it wasn't a daily so I wanted something I could use for traveling, have fun, and not feel guilty about putting the miles on.

Anyway if anyone is interested in any of the above I'm happy to work out prices. Thanks and stay safe. Happy New Year.


I'll upload images when the studs are all shiny.